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Stroraeis App:  Verdie by NethaEmerald Stroraeis App: Verdie :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 2 0
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CoV Quest - Sythril - Like a Weasel... :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 1
CoV Quest - Sythril - First test of Boomstick
All of my spells were custom creations of mine. The first few spells I had were made with the assistance of my parents, who were exceptionally well-versed in the usage of Wind magic, so getting those ones created wasn’t a very difficult task. However, the most difficult one I ever had to create was my spell that attaches an orb of spinning, severe winds onto the tip of an arrow, which then explodes apart when it comes into contact with something. Even though I knew how wind worked to an extent for magic, I was unable to make the results I wanted just off on a whim without having to pump a lot of research into it.
I remember back a few years ago at my first attempt at actually making it work. At the time, most of the masters of wind magic were gone, and the ones who weren’t were too busy to lend me any aid in my magical endeavors. Regardless of that little hiccup, I decided it would be best to hit the books like I do for my job, but instead of researching into flora, fauna,
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 1
CoV Quest - Sythril - The life of my Job
My job… it’s not an easy one. Some might actually call it near impossible in some cases; but to me? It’s what I do, and I know how to do it well. What is my job, you ask? My job is to collect materials from monsters, plants, rocks, and all manners of mundane and mystical things to cart back to the College of Aethern so the studying pupils and well-versed professors alike have ingredients and components for all things magical and alchemical.
It might sound easy on paper, but it’s anything but. Have you ever tried hunting down some of the creatures that i’ve had to, such as rare creatures, what was thought to be fantasy, and all sorts of things in between? Trust me, it’s not easy. I often find myself secluded in the deep corners of the libraries in Aethern, the books and candlelight often my only company. I pour more research into finding these possible legends to even common items, perhaps even more so than some of the professors that instruct at the
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 1
TBS Follower Tournament Round 1 - Alvan vs Eris
Alvan has been preparing for this fight for the entirety of the previous night and the morning before it happened. He knew he was at a disadvantage because of a lack of abilities that could be used for harm; all he could do was hope to distract his first opponent, Eris. All he knew about her was that she was a she and that her powers were ice-based. Even though he was a water element himself, ice still slipped him up and gave him a rough time if used right.
In part of his preparations, he was practicing athletic techniques of jumping, dodging, and circling around a still tree. He knew that wasn't the best way to refine his techniques, but it was all he had because the cat he would normally do so with, Anabella, was also competing in this, hoping she could become a Bounty Hunter, much like himself.
After enough preparations were complete, Alvan was ready to fight... though it wasn't this right that worried him the most. What he was most worried about was having to face off against Xixa
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 1
TBS App: Cherrie by NethaEmerald TBS App: Cherrie :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 2 1
TR Character - Boyd Baker
Name: Boyd Baker
Nicknames: 'Boy', 'D'
Species: Vaporeon 
Age: 20
Birthday: October 30th, 1995
Nature: Hardy
Characteristic: A little quick-tempered/Quick Tempered
Height: 6'4" (193.04 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (81.65 kg)
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Job: Student
City: Daigakkou City
Level: 37
Ability: Water Absorb
Aurora Beam (Lv. 20)
Muddy Water (Lv. 37)
Acid Armor (Lv. 29)
Shadow Ball (TM)
Character Description:
Boyd's head and face are round in shape. Boyd has deep blue eyes that can glisten like the surface of the water. His hair is light blue in color and is parted, with the part flowing towards the right side of his body. His hair length is typically pretty short at all times, though it sometimes grows out to become longer. In the middle of
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 0
Tohaku Region Prompt: Beach Day - Colton
"Well, I spent my most recent beach trip with my family, and boy was it a chaotic experience...
I had already arrived in Driftveil and had been there for a day now. Everything was fine; my whole family and I were having fun just catching up with one another and playing various small games. The second day, my older sister, Celia, had suggested we all take a beach day. Of course, everyone else agreed, though I was a little more hesitant to. I know my parents don't approve of tattoos, and if I had to be without a shirt, they were going to see the one I have across my chest. Reagrdless, I knew I didn't have a choice, so I had to go along with it.
The drive there took a few hours or so just to get to the nearest beach front. Yea, Driftveil isn't exactly tourist-friendly other than the Pokemon World Tournament, which is lots of fun if you haven't seen it before. Anyways, the beach was actually pretty darn packed with many different characters, and almost none were wearing shirts. All that I
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 0
Existential Crisis Meme : Colton Wolff
1.       Hey there! To get things started, why don’t you tell us your name… And while you’re at it, does your name have any special meaning? Do you know why your parents chose that name for you?
My name's Colton Wolff. My parents loved the first name so much that they wanted their first son to be named it. I hear it's the name of a miner that had saved my father's life once, which I guess is pretty cool. I do know that my first name does mean 'from the coal or dark town', which is pretty fitting once you figure out that I myself am a miner/digger just like my father: well, at least the coal part. The dark town part could be a reference to my cold attitude, but I have my doubts that my parents knew either of those when they gave me that name.
As for my last name, I know it's a variant of some other word, but that's about all I know of it sadly.
   2.       Do you have any children? If so, was there any purpose or meanin
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 0
Tohaku Existential Crisis Meme : Jennifer Abel
1.       Hey there! To get things started, why don’t you tell us your name… And while you’re at it, does your name have any special meaning? Do you know why your parents chose that name for you?
Well, my name is Jennifer Abel to start off with. I know my first name can mean 'fair one' and 'white enchantress', and while I certainly do agree I can be an enchantress in many eyes, I would hardly consider myself fair enough to be called a fair one. All I can find about my last name is that it means 'breath', which confuses me. Why did we get this last name? I really don't understand what it means, though maybe i'm looking too deeply into it and should just leave it as is it. I don't know why I got this name, either; maybe because it sounded nice on the ears and was smooth to say? I can't read their minds, unlike a few others in my family tree.
   2.       Do you have any children? If so, was there any purpose or meaning to
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 0
TBS RP - Painful Resurgence
:bulletwhite: Kain
:bulletblue: Kivah
:bulletwhite: Kain had just woken up for the day, even if the sun had already been out for a while."Must've been more tired than I thought..." He thought to himself as he slowly emerged from the empty Searcher's den. He knew he screwed up today and that he wasn't going to perform very well, but he might as well try and get something done. After eating something from the prey pile, which wasn't good-tasting in the slightest, he aimed to make his way out of camp, but was crossing through the entire East camp in order to go into the direction he wanted to today.
:bulletblue: Kivah was playing alone nearby the Nursery, pouncing on leaves and poking at small plants that were just making it out of the ground. Kivah had been surprised at how green they were, when spring first set in. When he was born, the forest was already dead, ready for winter. Everything seemed so grey then, and the sudden surge of spring colors was more than enough to keep a kit's ey
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 2 2
TBS App: Elvira by NethaEmerald TBS App: Elvira :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 2 1 Stroraeis App - Sythril by NethaEmerald Stroraeis App - Sythril :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 2 3
TBS - Alvan's Trial/Ceremony
That was an interesting unknown amount of time for Alvan. With only a warning that it was trial, Alvan's eyes were covered with his bandanna so that he couldn't see where he was going as well as small distractions and more turns and twists than he could count to keep him from trying to create a mental map of where they were going. He had to eat and drink well before he left, which thankfully he managed to do, even if he had absolutely no idea what was going on. The time was interesting as he had to take drink breaks along the way without being able to see the sources of water he had to drink from. Sleeping and eating were handled in much of the same matter.
It was around a day and a half since he had initially been forced from camp for this trial. At a completely random spot, the Bounty Hunter that escorted Alvan explained that Alvan had to make his way back to the Follower's camp. There was no time limit to do so; the only requirement was that he make it back to camp alive and well. T
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 1 2
TBS - The shadow of Alvan
"Well, let's see how this goes..."
That was what Alvan thought of at the start of the day. The sky had a few clouds in it though their movement patterns would never cross in front of the sun or moon and provide any shade. A light wind blew across the land that the Followers called home, and it was pretty much as good as Alvan was going to get. He was going to make room for practice to help with something he had sort of neglected thus far: stealth. He never made a huge attempt to be stealthy as it was hard to remain hidden from anyone unless the season was fall, and even then dead leaves made that task only harder. The initiate knew he did have to get better at stealth if he were to become a follower, so this was the day he was going to dedicate some self-practice to it.
He had been carefully analyzing the cats at the camp for the past few days and found that the only one who stayed within the camp reliably enough to give him the practice against a live target he needed so much w
:iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 0
TBE Meme - Raya Plot Chart by NethaEmerald TBE Meme - Raya Plot Chart :iconnethaemerald:NethaEmerald 0 6


Those black and white drawings by EvanTheDog Those black and white drawings :iconevanthedog:EvanTheDog 174 18 Sashary by AbyssWatchers Sashary :iconabysswatchers:AbyssWatchers 369 52 Graphics by Stratozpherez Graphics :iconstratozpherez:Stratozpherez 192 33 Arcade Ahri by Chiroyo Arcade Ahri :iconchiroyo:Chiroyo 103 4 Ppbth by MewgletheWolf Ppbth :iconmewglethewolf:MewgletheWolf 29 3 Toeto by ezpups Toeto :iconezpups:ezpups 198 35 Persona 5 by CrowzPerch Persona 5 :iconcrowzperch:CrowzPerch 70 2 Planet-Sized Mega Absol by raizy Planet-Sized Mega Absol :iconraizy:raizy 112 4 Daily Paint 1555. Kitty-Kat by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1555. Kitty-Kat :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,624 192 .: Happy Valentine's Day :. by Devil-Vox .: Happy Valentine's Day :. :icondevil-vox:Devil-Vox 139 42 Untitled by Madpatti Untitled :iconmadpatti:Madpatti 8 0 Alvan by D--A--N--C--E Alvan :icond--a--n--c--e:D--A--N--C--E 4 3 Polldrawing #14 - Female Ragna The Bloodedge by EmBeRNaGa Polldrawing #14 - Female Ragna The Bloodedge :iconembernaga:EmBeRNaGa 104 41 Silver The Dragon Girl sketch by ryumo Silver The Dragon Girl sketch :iconryumo:ryumo 129 11 Day 19 Vaporeon by MsDinoGoat Day 19 Vaporeon :iconmsdinogoat:MsDinoGoat 16 7 snowpix by ShinyVulpix snowpix :iconshinyvulpix:ShinyVulpix 38 0



Alvan and Annabella Kitten Tryouts

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Due Date: March 15th, 2017

Birth Date: April 1st, 2017

:new: :star: Winners are announced! Feel free to check the spots to see who won (and comment) :star: :new:

Only 10 days left people! If you have something, now's the time to get it in!

We have history in the making here folks; The first Follower kittens! Yes, Alvan and Annabella, after their latest shenanigans, are how having a litter of kittens they didn't even expect to have so soon, and we need people to roleplay some of their adorable little kittens! All the information you could ever need (hopefully) can be found down below!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

How to Try Out

There are currently five kittens up for tryouts, with Panai taking one, and NethaEmerald letting others come in before he does, and if any openings are left, he'll take one of what's left (but we hope they will all find roleplayers).

Here are some of the rules:

Step 1) Choose a kitten from the three listed below

Step 2) Design the kitten and fill out an application (if you have questions about how to fill out an application do not be afraid to ask! The general rules of TBS also apply)

Step 3) Write the written portion of the application (including an in-depth personality description and the beginning of the kit’s history. Be sure to check up on Annabella's and Alvan's histories to get an idea of how they met and how they treat each other)

Step 4) Draw your kit as a rookie and as an adult. These drawing do not have to be used on their applications in the future, nor do you have to stick exactly to the designs you make now, we just want to see that you have plans for your kit in the future!

Step 5) Comment below with the following:

Name of Kitten:

Link to Application:

Link to Drawings:

Why do you want this kit?

Do you plan on being active in TBS with this character?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The Kittens

For the design of the kittens, we only have a few basic guidelines that we would prefer be followed:

1) Two of the male kittens have the Tabby Pattern like Alvan (either Classic or mackerel: more information can be found Here .

2) The other male kitten have a Turkish Van style (Like Anabella, either cream or orange-colored for the non-white parts)

3) Two of the female kittens have Turkish Van style, as outlined above.

4) The last female kitten to have a rare Tabby pattern, like Alvan, outlined above.

Note: One of the Tabby pattern can be a mix of both Tabby and Turkish Van, like Here , if so desired.

There are by no means an absolute end-all, be-all for patterns, but we'd prefer if we had at least one of each gender kitten having color patterns close to each parent.

Finley | Male | Non-Lemental | Kitonika9

Personality Traits: Preferably most from Anabella, but some Alvan would be nice.

Important to Note: Yes: he is the first kitten born without an Element; that makes him a little special.

Finn Tryout App by Kitonika9
Why we chose them: We know Kito will be very active with the kitten and clearly put a lot of effort into it, so much so we saw stuff copied into other tryouts! We looked also as what everyone posted for group activity, and she has the most for that, so we feel confident she'll take good care of Finley.

Emil | Male | Psychic | D--A--N--C--E

Personality Traits: Most from father, if possible.

Important to Note: Would be nice if this one would have a name of "Emil" and have a pattern like dad, though not required.

  Emil by D--A--N--C--E
Why we chose them: He was the only app, so be default, they got it.

Adicias | Male | Water| Panai

Personality Traits: Mostly from Alvan's side of the family. He is somewhat reserved and thoughtful, not reckless like his mother can be.

Important to Note: He's not as playful as most kits are

TBS :: Adicias by Panai
Why we chose them: It was reserved.

Celina | Female | Fire | GypsyCrest19

Personality Traits: Whatever you want, though some from each parent.

Important to Note: Her element is the latent element in Anabella that she doesn't have.

  Celina by GypsyCrest19
Why we chose them: Out of the two apps, we felt Celina was overall the stronger one. From the effort put into it, as well as the guidelines we suggested for the personality, Gypsy did really well here, and that is why we chose her.

Yasmin | Female | Water | CatFoxLover

Personality Traits: Mix of both parents, though not required.

Important to Note: Would be awesome if she had the Tabby pattern, though not required.

Yasmin ~TBS Try out~ by CatFoxLover
Why we chose them: Much like Emil, they were the only app, so be default, it goes to them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

About the Couple

Here is the information on how they met, acted towards one another, and the history of them together!

Info here.

Want to Read the Roleplays that have gone on between them?
Here they are (
in chronological order):
Race you to your First Kiss!
Opposites Attract
There is a First Time for Everyone
Muddy Lovers

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Important References

The Parents

Alvan's Parents

The males of Alvan's family is Orange Tabbies, while the ladies are all American Shorthair (grey and black).

Anabella's Parents & Brothers
Whole Fam by Panai

From Left to Right: Crispin (small runt) - Chester (father) - Antebella (mother) - Carson (orange tabby) - Chandler (orange spotted tabby) - Casey (red-orange tabby)
*Note: Annabella's brothers are all her age now (adults), but they are drawn as younger in this picture.
Annabella's runt broher, Crispin, was once in TBS a long time ago! You can find his application here:
Crispin by GhastForce


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Remember to have fun, and comment with any questions! We look forward to seeing your tryouts!


United States


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